"Rio Mar" campaign

Text by Artur Arakelyan, CEO of CETAB Amazon and creator of the action.

The international environmental company СETAB AMAZON unites people who are aware of the environmental responsibility for preserving the planet's aquatic environment Pollution from the source of life - water - is disastrous. Seas and rivers are subject to significant biological impact. The ability of the oceans to purify themselves is not unlimited and, therefore, it is especially important for all of us to preserve this resource for future generations. Greater attention to solving problems of safety and environmental responsibility is one of the basic principles of a state in dynamic development. СETAB AMAZON, an international environmental company, asks scientists, politicians and businessmen to come together for an appropriate interaction in the fight for the conservation of the aquatic environment and for the biodiversity of its living resources.

I believe that СETAB AMAZON should carry out the "Rivers in the Sea" Campaign starting in 2020 and in several cities in the country. In 2020, the campaign will become the winner of the Presidential Grant Fund contest.


The formation of environmental culture, environmental education of young Brazilians.


Education of environmental responsibility, to take care of water, the environment and its inhabitants.

Expanding horizons, studying the history and nature of the native land.

Replenishment of the rare fish population.


Coastal territories throughout Brazil and Latin America.

An event will always include:

Presentation of interesting and informative information about the water body of its native land, its inhabitants, how they can and should be protected. Information can be presented in different ways: interactive lecture, presentation, documentary, animations, competition, etc;

Solidary awards (for each participant in the action or for a school, orphanage, etc.);

Coastal area cleaning;

Interactive excursions or practical exercises related to water research (mobile laboratories, visit to a stationary laboratory or a sewage treatment plant at a local water supply company, a search for a water theme, etc.);

Separate selective collection workshop;

Release of rare species of fish in the fry river.

Direct participation in the cleaning and rehabilitation of coastal territories of rivers and seas, as well as in the manual release of fry, is better than any textbook, allowing people on the planet of all ages to see and understand the fragility of ecological systems.