Environmental responsibility is global

Text by Artur Arakelyan, founder and CEO of CETAB Amazon and creator of the project




All environmental information must be gathered in a single location, so that anyone can use this data, and thus unify the information globally. There is no other way in the age of globalization, environmentalists believe. "At the end of 2020, we, with most environmentalists in the world, must formalize a final manifest of standards with all environmental amendments and additions. For the exchange of information, the development of a strategy and the coordination of activities, it is necessary use a single environmental database (in different languages), "said" Artur Arakelyan, founder of СETAB AMAZON, an environmental company.


 According to calculations, in 2019 alone, natural disasters - fires, floods and other disasters - cost Brazil almost 500 billion reais. "When supplying reserves with all modern infrastructure, it is necessary to use not national, but global environmental funds. If Brazil's forests make up a significant part of all the world's forests, a country will not be able to finance these programs", says Artur Arakelyan. "7% of dead wood, which emits a huge amount of methane, which leads to big fires. In addition, dead wood has always been an accessible energy resource for residents of forest reserves".


 According to experts, the problem of forest death due to fires has become global. In 2019, forest losses in Russia totaled 8.67 million hectares, in Brazil - 2.95 million, in Canada - 2.1 million and in the USA - 2 million hectares. According to data, in the seven months of 2019, 13.5 million hectares were affected by fire. It is worth combining forest conservation efforts in all countries, for example, within the UN. This service may include fast-response aviation units, in addition to space intelligence or fire detection and fighting capabilities.


 From 1992 to the end of 2019, 635 thousand forest fires were recorded in Brazil. The average amount of damage per year is R $ 20 billion. Of these, 3 to 7 billion are damages caused by the loss of wood, the remainder is the cost of extinction and subsequent cleaning of burnt areas, damage caused by animal deaths, pollution by combustion products and reforestation costs, says Arthur Arakelyan.


 СETAB AMAZON proposes to finance environmental projects and programs, not only with the help of state budgets, but also with sponsorship funds from environmentally conscious citizens, in addition to introducing the socially negative term "eco-violator" and attributing it to citizens who commit crimes in the environmental sphere. In addition, environmental education is important. Many people do not know about global warming, nor about the melting of the polar caps, nor about the increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, plastic in the ocean. "Everyone must think about the future of the planet, otherwise the planet will collapse", predicts Arthur Arakelyan.