COVID-19 General Orientations

Dear sirs, friends of the company CETAB AMAZON



Everyday life in many parts of the world has been suspended to slow the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and to protect the most vulnerable people in our societies.

We firmly believe that we must also contribute. So we decided to cancel all official and planned events in our communities around the world before the end of April. Events scheduled for May or later will be temporarily suspended. We understand that this may seem like a radical measure, but currently our main priority is to protect our members and ensure the safety of our communities and people around us, practicing social distance, even if it is difficult.

For expatriates, loneliness at home can be especially lonely and disappointing. We strive to continue to bring people from different countries together, even if it is practically so far. Although the current situation does not allow you to meet face to face, we still offer several ways to communicate, get answers to your questions and exchange experiences:

Stay in touch with your friends with CETAB AMAZON using the messaging feature on our website and app

Browse and post on our forum - this is a great place to exchange tips and tricks on how to manage the current situation we face together and support each other.

Check only online events on our calendar; some activities (such as live presentations, online discussions, etc.) can still be performed online

Find creative ways to spend time with other expats online while you're at home. Offer a virtual video call with several others to be able to cook and chat, for example,

Now more than ever, our communication values ​​and company friends support us. We are proud to be always ready to help you and develop a sense of unity in our incredible international company CETAB AMAZON during this unprecedented crisis.

We hope to help you stay close to each other.

Our thoughts are with everyone who has suffered.

Take care.

Founder and co-CEO of CETAB AMAZON

 Artur Arakelyan

Founder and co-CEO

 Jorge Sales