Cetab Amazon wants to install a $ 50 million project in Iranduba

The municipality was chosen to house six urban waste processing and energy generation units

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The expansion of economic activity to cities in the interior should reach the city of Iranduba, located in the Metropolitan Region of Manaus (RMM). The municipality was chosen to house six urban waste processing and energy generation units with investments of US $ 50 million from the company Cetab Amazon. The expectation of job creation is 2 thousand vacancies in the State, 400 of which in Iranduba.

The company representatives, Arthur Arakelian and Jorges Sales, met today (03/09), in the morning, with the Secretary of State for Planning, Jório Veiga, to detail the project that provides for the sorting, recycling and industrialization 500 thousand tons of garbage in 16 hour / day shifts. The company expects to start plant operations in the middle of next year.

The presented project establishes the reception and preparation of waste, transportation, sorting of secondary products (polymers, PET, waste paper, textiles, scraps and glass) for recycling and processing of recycled materials.

‘Green projects’ - Iranduba was the option of the group for being located in the metropolitan region, with quick access to Manaus and having two ports, which facilitates production logistics. The company will count on financing from the World Bank, in a specific line that includes “green projects”, which contribute to the improvement of sanitary conditions in cities.

The company, based in countries such as Armenia and Belarus, serves markets in Asia, Europe with advanced world technologies in the construction of waste recycling plants with carbon transforming into electrical and thermal energy.

Interiorization - Secretary Jório Veiga said that the company's project is welcome, mainly because it represents an advance in the policy of interiorization of development, today concentrated in the capital. He guaranteed the representatives technical support for the implementation of the project, which must be in accordance with the defined environmental standards, he said.


SOURCE: Amazonas Notícias ( https://amazonasnoticias.com.br/cetab-amazon-quer-instalar-projeto-de-us-50-milhoes-em-iranduba/ )