ATM discusses waste treatment project in municipalities

The president of the Tocantinense Association of Municipalities (ATM), mayor of Pedro Afonso, Jairo Mariano, participated this Monday (15th), in a meeting between businessmen and the governor of Tocantins, Mauro Carlesse. The businessmen came to the Araguaia Palace to present the project of the company to the Governor that foresees the sorting, recycling and industrialization of garbage in the municipalities of the State. Belarusian businessman Sergey Zacharov, the national manager of Cetab Amazon - Center for Engineering and Technology, Jorge Sales, and Cetab's development manager, Natalia Sagaydo, participated.

 Jorge Sales explained that this is an innovative project in Brazil, but already known in Europe, with financing from international banks, which will be initially implemented, as he said, in the states of Tocantins, Amazonas and, later, throughout the Amazon, aimed at the industrialization of garbage. The presented project establishes the reception and preparation of waste, transportation, sorting of secondary products (polymers, PET, waste paper, textiles, scraps and glass) for recycling and processing of recycled materials.

Job creation

According to him, this project has no costs for the government and will generate about two thousand jobs in the municipalities where the raw material will be collected. "There is no cost, there is investment by the company, which is around US $ 50 million, and it will generate more than two thousand jobs spread across the benefited municipalities". Jorge Sales also explained that in this system the State is only the supervisor of the works. "It is the State that will receive the funds from the banks and transfer them as the execution of each stage of the schedule is approved by the inspection". The next step will be the elaboration of a Letter of Intent, which will be signed by the State Government and Cetab, which will build and operate the project installation.


ATM's president welcomed the interest of the group of entrepreneurs and projects positive results to the Municipalities in case the implementation occurs. “Our cities are in need of major investments and this project meets this need. The implementation of this project also contributes to the implementation of the National Solid Waste Policy in the Municipalities ”, recalls Jairo Mariano.

Technological Center

In addition to the waste industrialization project, businessmen expressed their interest to the Governor in implementing the Tocantins Technological Park. Governor Mauro Carlesse said that Tocantins is a state that immediately needs this development model, based on advanced technology and that entrepreneurs with good projects are always welcome. "Tocantins is in the center of Brazil and we have excellent logistics. We are interested in everything that will help us to solve our problems, and this project meets what we want, which is to reduce costs and promote good practices to protect the environment. environment".

The State Attorney General, Nivair Vieira Borges, also attended the meeting; the secretary of Industry, Commerce and Services of Tocantins (SICS), Ridoval Darci Chiareloto and the president of the Foundation for the Support of Research in Tocantins, Márcio da Silveira.


Article by Portal Stylo ( http://www.portalstylo.com.br/noticia-1508560472-atm-discute-projeto-de-tratamento-de-lixo-nos-municipios )